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We like to break the process of finding your perfect student house into three stages, each split into distinct steps to ensure you know exactly what to expect.

Stage 1:

1. Finding your new student home

Viewings for student houses normally begin in November (unless you want to see a house earlier). Only whole houses can be reserved at this stage – so if you want a 6-bedroomed house, you will probably need to be group of 6.

Students can find out which properties are available by contacting the office or by searching our available properties page.

2. Arranging your house viewing

Students should contact the office to arrange appointments to view properties.

This can be done by calling the office on 01227 713 913, sending an email to [email protected] or by popping into our Castle Street office  (49-50 Castle Street, Canterbury, Kent, CT1 2PY).

As a letting agent, we need to give our current tenants at least 24 hours’ notice of a viewing, so please book in advance.

Students will be greeted by a member of staff at each property.

3. Selecting your bedrooms

As a group, decide which bedroom you are going to have so that when it comes to signing your tenancy agreement and paying your first quarter’s rent, all goes smoothly.

4. Completing your Tenant Application Form

Once you have selected your house, each applicant will need to complete a Tenant Application Form by midday on the day following reservation. This can be done at our offices. In addition you will need to provide copies of each of your student ID cards.

5. Paying your non-refundable admin fee

Payment of your admin fee takes the house off the market for five days, giving you time to complete the application process.

The admin fee must be paid in full by each applicant in order to take the house off the market. The admin fee is non-refundable (please see administration fee agreement at the back of the application form for terms and conditions). Payments can be made by debit card, bank transfer or direct deposit.

We are sorry, but we do not accept credit card or cash payments.

6. The tenancy and guarantor agreements

You will be emailed the tenancy agreement and guarantor agreement. Please forward both of these to your chosen guarantor. You and your guarantor are advised to read through these in your own time and to ask any questions you may have before signing.

Your guarantor should return the guarantor agreement within five days of being received.

There is now a 5 day waiting period while we process your application.

During this time Leydon Letting Agents will do the following:

  • Show the property as RESERVED on all portal sites (e.g. Rightmove) and our website.
  • Cancel any viewings booked for the property.
  • Inform the landlord that their property has been reserved.
  • Submit tenant details to the referencing agency for credit checks and referencing.
  • Submit guarantor details to the referencing agency for credit checks and referencing.

Until all relevant information is received and all credit checks and guarantor reference checks have been passed, we cannot allow tenants to sign the tenancy agreement.

Stage 2:

1. Referencing (if required)

Each applicant and their guarantor will be contacted by an external credit referencing agency. Any information requested should be supplied as soon as possible after receipt.

2. Paying your deposit (if required)

If a deposit is required, this should be paid on or before signing the tenancy agreement.

3. Signing your tenancy agreement

Once all relevant information has been received and checked, you can sign your tenancy agreement. The tenancy agreement should be signed within 7 days of reserving the house. Please make an appointment with the office for a time when all housemates are available.

Tenants are advised to read the tenancy agreement thoroughly and raise any questions they may have before signing.

4. Signing your deposit protection documents

If you paid a deposit, it will be registered with one of the deposit protection schemes within 30 days of being received in cleared funds.

Leydon Letting Agents will email all tenants with prescribed information, the terms and conditions of the scheme and the head tenant declaration. These documents need to be signed by all tenants.

If your deposit is paid prior to your tenancy agreement being signed, you may be able to sign these at the same time as the tenancy agreement.

Stage 3 (usually takes place after the Easter break):

1. Setting up your standing order

Tenants will receive an email with a rent schedule along with the relevant bank details needed to set up a standing order.

Each tenant must set up a standing order with their own bank to correspond with the details provided.

Please note Leydon Letting Agents do not have a direct debit facility and therefore cannot collect money directly from a tenant’s account.

2. Paying your first installment

Your first installment of rent should be paid in full and in cleared funds by the due date (normally one month in advance of the start date of the tenancy). If you encounter any difficulties, please contact the office immediately to discuss a solution so as not to delay move in.

Please note keys for the property cannot be released until the required rent for the property is paid by all joint tenants.

3. Collecting your house keys

You will need to arrange a time with the office to come in to collect your keys and Welcome Pack.

Please provide as much notice as possible to enable Leydon Letting Agents to ensure your house is ready.

Keys cannot be released until all payments, forms and checks are completed.

4. Collecting your Welcome Pack

The first tenant to collect their house keys will be provided with a Welcome Pack and asked to sign to confirm receipt.

Your Welcome Pack contains important information relating to your house so please take the time to read it.

5. Inventory

You will be provided with two copies of the inventory report; one copy remains in the Welcome Pack for your reference and the second copy is for you to amend as necessary, sign and return to the office within 5 working days.

If the second copy is not returned to the office within 5 days,  the tenants are deemed to accept the condition of the property is as described in the inventory report.  Likewise problems with the condition of the house should be reported within 5 days of the first person moving in.

You’ve got your keys!

We want to thank you for choosing Leydon Letting Agents and hope you enjoy your new student home!