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Canterbury travel

Canterbury Bus Station

Canterbury’s modern City Centre Bus station enables transport within Canterbury and the surrounding areas, intercity as well as routes to France.

A range of discounted bus passes are available, particularly for students.  Without the presence of numerous students, Canterbury’s travel infrastructure would offer a very limited bus service.

Is there a student bus pass?

University of Kent UniRider is available for use for one academic year from September to June.  For more details please visit Stagecoach.

Which bus do I need to get?

When moving to a new place of residence, using the bus service can be daunting.  There are a number of housing estates in Canterbury and each has its own specific route to and from the city centre.

To make travelling easier for you, we’ve narrowed down the key bus routes from each estate to the city centre.

  • 4/4a/4x (every 10 mins) – TO UKC
  • 6/6a/6x (every 10 mins) – FROM UKC
  • Uni Bus (every 15 mins, more frequent during term time)
London Road
  • 22 (every 15 mins)
Hales Place/St Stephens
  • 21/21a (every 30 mins)
Spring Lane
  • 23 (every 20 mins), 23a (hourly)
St Dunstans
  • 21 (every 30 mins)
  • 22 (every 15 mins)
  • 4/4a/4x (every 10 mins)
  • Uni Bus (every 15 mins – more frequent during term time)
Sturry Road
  • 4/4a/4x (every 10 mins) – TO CITY CENTRE
  • 6/6a/6x (every 10 mins) – FROM CITY CENTRE
  • (infrequent)
  • 8/8a (every 15 mins)
  • (hourly)
  • 25  (up to every 7 mins)


  • Canterbury is peppered with miles of cycle routes making the bicycle the ideal environmentally friendly mode of transport.
  • Cycle racks are strategically positioned to encourage pedal power.

Canterbury Train Stations

Canterbury East and Canterbury West Stations provide commuter routes to London and coastal towns of Faversham, Whitstable, Herne Bay, Margate, Ramsgate, Dover, Folkestone and inland to Ashford International.

  • The West station now offers a high speed link to London St Pancras (55 mins).

Canterbury Taxis

  • There are numerous taxi firms and taxi stands located at the main bus station and at both train stations.
  • In addition there are stands close to shopping centres.  Supermarkets have taxi phones for your convenience.

Pleasure Waterways

Canterbury features the Stour river creates a network of interconnecting routes.River Stour and the Westgate Towers – Photography: David Iliff

  • There are various river tours operated from a number of companies including Browns Restaurant.
  • There are boats and punts aplenty for your enjoyment.