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  • This can involve gaining access via
  • Where students need urgent replacement keys Leydon Lettings require:
    • identification (student I.D card with matching photo)
    • a signature in the key book prior to release
    • a record of key holders.
  • This applies to tradespeople who should sign all keys in and out.
  • Keys are kept coded and in a locked cabinet for security.
  • Never identify a property on a key nor provide a clue to the property address by marking the key other than with a secure key code.
  • Remember - lost keys can enable dishonest finders easy entry to your house.
  • Contractors retaining landlord property keys overnight should deny access to burglars by not hanging keys on open hooks e.g. in hallways.  Always lock away securely.  Anecdotally, and ironically,  one contractor had his van stolen despite the van having an immobiliser and quality lock, when a burglar broke into his less secure house, took the keys from the hall-hook and used the the keys to open and steal his van, wherein landlord keys were accessible.  Thankfully the keys were not identifiable and were worthless to the burglar.

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  • Access as a right of way or over-riding interest.
Published: 21 October 2013 Last Updated: 18 November 2021