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How to keep your house squeaky clean

04 Sep 2019

There's never a bad time for a thorough clean. Whether you’re preparing for property viewings or an inspection, or want a clean start in a new home when you’ve just moved in.

Fault Finding

13 Aug 2019

Moving in can highlight teething problems, here is our guide to help smooth these out.

Moving Out Tips

13 Jun 2019

Moving out of your student property? Here are our top tips to help make sure you have everything sorted! 

How to clear blocked drains

31 May 2019

Every home will have waste pipes and traps in the drainage system. If your sink, basin or bath is draining slowly, use follow our tips to try to fix it.

Saint Augustine's Day - Kent's Unofficial Holiday

Saint Augustine's Day - Kent's Unofficial Holiday

26 May 2019

Celebrated on May 26, the date of his death in 604 AD, Saint Augustine's Day is the feast day of Saint Augustine of Canterbury, the first Archbishop of Canterbury. Let's find out who he was and about his journey to Canterbury.

What to expect at Freshers’ Week

09 Sep 2016

Education UK is an organisation responsible for helping international students with UK based educational opportunities. As part of the British Council, it is a leading authority in British education and provides useful information for all students, whether international or not.

Time for a break after exams?

23 Jun 2016

Now that your exams are over (or, at least, almost over), you may be feeling that you need to have a break from it all and just chill out and relax for a bit.

Money is tight – four ways to stretch your student budget

18 Jun 2016

So, you’re enjoying your studies and all that goes with it. Except the money side of things, or the lack of money to be precise! With the graduate salary you hope you’ll get feeling like years away, now is the time to be smart with the limited amount of money you have. Try these four ways to stretch your student budget and make it go that much further.

Down Time During Revision

05 May 2016

It’s never easy to plan some relaxing time into your revision timetable when you know your exams are fast approaching. Yet, it is an important part of anyone’s revision period. Living in Canterbury as a student is great for making sure you have some down time to relax and get your energy back before you burn out before you’re even told you may turn over the paper. Whilst we are always told to work for shorter periods of time and then to take a small 10 minute break, here are a few ideas to plan in for a slightly longer down-time to ensure you continue feeling refreshed. It could really help you!

Student Blogging. Is It For Me?

31 Mar 2016

Blogging is a huge part of every day life now for a lot of people, including students. It’s a hugely powerful learning tool and can help to develop crucial thinking skills.

Brrr…illiant ways to beat the cold this winter

17 Jan 2016

Sadly, winter has officially arrived and it’s come as a bit of a shock. But for those of us in the South, we have to deal with the drastic dip without the enjoyment of sledging down some snowy slopes. To make matters worse, term has begun and the dreaded fear of mentioning the heating has started all over again! So, to give you a bit of a helping hand in saving money and keeping warm, here are a few tips to beat the cold and make winter a bit more manageable!

Letting Agents Must Take Notice

22 Sep 2015

Letting agents must take notice. When a person (landlord, tenant, agent, trades-person) is ‘put on notice’ they have been made aware and warned of a situation that they cannot later deny they knew about. Once informed there may be a duty to respond. Landlords similarly must take notice.

Landlords required by law to fit smoke plus CO detectors

Landlords required by law to fit smoke plus CO detectors

17 Sep 2015

FROM October 1st, 2015 landlords must fit working smoke detectors on every habitable storey in all rented houses – not just HMOs (Houses in Multiple Occupation).  Also carbon monoxide (CO) Detectors in areas with solid fuel burners (coal and log fires). Smoke plus CO detectors matter

CMA Rules! OFT Handover To CMA

09 Sep 2014

The CMA is concerned with consumer rights and Consumer Protection Regulations CPRs. Landlords are both consumers and providers of accommodation to consumers. Letting agents provide a service to both consumers.

Top Tenants: Cleaning 2014

Top Tenants: Cleaning 2014

15 Jul 2014

We would like to say a special thank you to the following houses and students for their high standard of cleaning when vacating their house this year.

NUS Awards 2014 (The Shortlist)

11 Jun 2014

Christ Church Students’ Union, Kent Union and Canterbury College Students’ Union have all been shortlisted for the NUS Students Innovation & Enterprise Award 2014!

Reasons to be boldly unsweet or even en suite …

04 Jul 2013

In the middle of renovating a house during a summer vacation, a prospective tenant attended to see the progress. Whilst on-site she phoned me to ask if she could have a private en-suite bedroom. I explained we had already explored such possibility and regrettably there was nowhere to put it.

“The Magic Porridge Pot”

18 Apr 2013

Reasons to believe in Murphy’s Law. .. It was our intention to progressively upgrade all our houses to include as many dishwashers as possible. This was received with delight although we had not envisaged the high ongoing cost to maintain and deal with leak damage when they went wrong.

Mortgage Gambling Fuse Lit In 2008 – Will It Explode In 2018? No Slow Fuse, It’s A Mortgage Express!

18 Apr 2013

I start with the Last consideration on most investor’s list – the ability to extend or swap a mortgage or mortgage-product with the same lender. Boring!? Not if you are one of the victims described below! Our auto-focus zooms-in on any number of apparently more important considerations when considering a mortgage for Buy to Let – BTL. The loan to value ratio, loan-to-rent ratio, interest rate, arrangement fees; all are important and relevant to this topic as you will see in this revealing article:

Medals For Role Model Students

18 Apr 2013

I popped into B&Q this evening about 8:30pm. There were three part time staff members on duty all with day jobs as university students. I found myself marveling at the determination and commitment of students to give their all. Such is their work ethos that in order to fund their education to become contributors to society, they work unbearably long hours, even in the run up to revising for exam…s.

Ousting Ogres Or Embracing Lifelong Friends

18 Apr 2013

Working in the lettings profession I have been privileged to meet thousands of interesting people from various backgrounds. Most are easy to get on with – some not so. We all struggle with life’s ogres, difficult individuals. We may not necessarily appreciate that we may be somewhat odd too. It is tempting to judge, when someone’s behaviour is irritating or frustrating. We are tempted to distance ourselves from them. After all, such individuals require effort and most of us have neither the time nor patience.

Article 4 Direction Avoidance – A Pyrrhic Victory

07 Dec 2012

Following the successful landlord-led campaign against Article 4 Directions, culminating in the Council’s decision to shelve Article 4 in Canterbury, there remains a need to consider the counter campaigners’ claims. The long-term residents’ views.

The Writing Is On The Wall

12 Jul 2012

When carrying out any renovation work, it is wise, and often obligatory, to inform the necessary authorities.