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Applicant Details

If you wish to reserve a Leydon Lettings house you will need to complete an application form and return it by email to enable Leydon Lettings to instruct referencing and credit checks.

Holding Deposit

A holding deposit is normally payable upon reserving a house. For full details of how your holding deposit will be used, please see Tenant Fees.


Many houses do not require a deposit at all. Where a deposit it required it is between half a month’s rent to six weeks’ rent.

Please check with the office as to the deposit payable for your house.

Proof of Identity

Proof of identity is required of all applicants and this is to include your passport with any visa (if relevant). Proof of university status and student ID number are also required for student tenants.

Student Guarantor Forms

Student applicants must provide a UK based guarantor (someone who agrees to pay your liabilities, if you do not). Leydon Lettings will email students with an agreement to be forwarded to their chosen guarantor (usually a parent or guardian).
The guarantor then needs to complete, sign and return a hard copy to Leydon Letting Agents.

If the guarantor has any questions, they may be answered here: Parent questions

Tenancy Agreement

Please download and read our standard tenancy agreement and check with the office to confirm particular terms for your chosen house (e.g. discounts, deposits, etc.) which will appear in the “Specially Agreed Terms” at back of the final draft of the agreement.

Student Tenancy Agreement
Professional Tenancy Agreement
Company Let Agreement

N.B. Tenancies are joint and several meaning that all tenants are jointly and individually responsible for all payments (not just their portion) and care of the house. This means that should one tenant cause damage or fail to pay rent, the landlord is entitled to ask any one tenant or all tenants to pay. Liability is not limited to the person responsible.

Standing Orders

Rent is payable by standing order, unless specifically agreed otherwise.
Please arrange to set up a standing order with your bank for all rent payments.
N.B. Leydon Lettings do not operate direct debits.

Student/Parent/Guarantor Queries

If there is anything you are unsure about or you would like to discuss, please (preferably) email your queries or alternatively telephone for further assistance.
Our contact details can be found here.