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Accommodation Types

  • Each category of accommodation carries different nuances. Understanding each market is not critical; however, landlords must understand their own market to avoid serious pitfalls.
  • The main two main genres are:
    • Student accommodation
    • Professional accommodation.
  • Other categories include:
    • Council Housing
    • Benefit recipients
    • Asylum seekers
    • Parolees
    • Holiday lets
    • Company lets
    • Satellite accommodation for recovering alcoholics etc. Each is a specialist topic.
  • Leydon Lettings has, for 25 years, accommodated all these genres.
  • We started renting accommodation in 1987 to students, adding other categories along the way. We now specialise in student accommodation. Some students have stayed as long as seven years! Summer vacations enable predictable access for maintenance, which suits our ethos.
Published: 5 November 2013 Last Updated: 17 November 2021