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  • See Discrimination and obligations to carry out reasonable adjustments for disabled tenants.
  • Any proposed alterations made after contracting to rent normally requires tenant consent:
    • if it is different from what they bargained for
    • If carried out during the tenancy
  • Consider the wisdom of effecting non-urgent alterations during a tenancy.  This is likely to result in complaints and claims for reduced or no rent, even when pre-agreed.  The work takes longer when tenants are in situ and many landlords conclude that it is less costly to wait until a void to effect alterations.
  • Tenants normally require permission to make home alterations:
    • Moving flat-packed furniture, once assembled, can cause damage.  Tenancies normally prohibit moving furniture.
    • A nail or screw to support a picture can puncture a water or electric supply.
    • Painting neutral magnolia walls say purple, is unlikely to appeal to average colour tastes and  may need three coats of paint to obliterate.

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Published: 5 November 2013 Last Updated: 17 November 2021