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Annual Rent and/or Bills

  • This is the annual rent or bills divided into the number of weeks, months or terms of occupancy.
  • Students rent for less than 52 weeks.
  • However the annual cost of bills might be calibrated and paid over a shorter period.
  • This might have the effect of increasing the weekly, monthly or termly amounts payable.
  • It may at first appear unfair, but is actually the same annual cost.
  • A similar situation occurs when students calculate rent weekly and are surprised when the calendar monthly amount is higher.  The quarterly amount remains the same as there are 13 (not 12) weeks in a quarter.
  • Where rent is payable quarterly the figures are easily reconciled.
  • This concept of 'annualising' is similar to 'calendar monthly' calculations as opposed to four weekly i.e. lunar months.
Published: 5 November 2013 Last Updated: 17 November 2021