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Blind Booking / Reserving Blind

  • This is not recommended
  • A tenant reserves a property without first seeing (viewing) a selected house.
  • Occasionally, overseas tenants have little choice but to trust the property particulars which is why the accuracy of such details is imperative.  Landlords should beware of such potentially fickle reservations as they are often unsecured.  An initial payment will not cover the lost rent should the tenant walk away upon seeing the house, location, room size, house mates, proximity to uni. etc.
  • If possible prospective tenants should ask a local friend or relative to view before reserving.
  • Similarly a landlord might buy a house unseen, trusting the seller's description or Property Particulars.
  • As a landlord Bob Leydon has done this twice:
    • the first was a great purchase,
    • the second regrettable - there will not be a third!
    • However busy, try before you buy.
  • Not so risky if only letting as you can walk away after the tenancy expires.
Published: 21 October 2013 Last Updated: 17 November 2021