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Clearing UCAS

  • The process of finding available university places in mid-August following release of A level results is called Clearing. Actually available between July and September, it assists those without a university place to find a suitable vacancy.  Anyone applying to university will have completed entrance application forms and visited a number of first preference campuses.  Should an applicant not secure the required A level grades for first choice entry, then an alternative search for a place via clearing is the last resort.  Universities and undergrads are matched to mop up remaining vacancies.
  • First year students normally only secure accommodation in halls of residence if the university is the students first choice.  It is thus common for clearing students to rent from private landlords for the whole three years.
  • There are some suggestions that degree courses could be done in only two years.  If so this would seriously jeopardise the letting profession in all university cities like Canterbury.  Universities would then accommodate students for 50% of the time students attended university, as opposed to the current circa 30%.  This would worry most landlords and the consequential displacement of the letting market.
  • Some students are opting to study abroad utilising English speaking courses, in say Holland, The fees are significantly cheaper; the accommodation costs may be more expensive.  The net gain makes this an alternative option for some students.
Published: 5 November 2013 Last Updated: 17 November 2021