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Core Terms

  • The core terms of any contract are the most important terms.
  • Lesser terms might be classed as ancillary terms.
  • The core terms are likely to include the commencement and completion dates, the term or duration of the contract, the rent  and frequency payable, the address of the property, whether utility bills are included. etc.
  • Ancillary terms might include the frequency of property inspections, redirecting mail after tenancy termination, etc.
  • The OFT  describe core terms as those "expressed or presented in such a way that they are, or at least are capable of being, at the forefront of the consumer's mind in deciding whether to enter the agreement."
  • Core terms should, whenever possible, be clearly stated at the start or front of a tenancy agreement, so as to avoid being overlooked or lost within an expanse of text.
  • Any potentially onerous terms are best highlighted.
Published: 5 November 2013 Last Updated: 17 November 2021