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Credit Rating or Credit Status

  • Few lenders will consider granting a loan until vetting the credit status of the borrower.
  • Companies specialising in providing an individual's details include Experience and others.
  • It is prudent to check ones own credit status to avert identity theft and in case a county court judgement has been inadvertently entered.
  • A utility bill in the name of an absent landlord but instead sent to a rental property where it is ignored and left unpaid would result in a county court judgement.  This will adversely affecting the credit status of the person named on the bill.  In turn lenders will frown upon the borrower.  Thus credit checking one's own status will reveal such judgements before significant damage occurs to ones credit status.  By contacting the sender of the bill and explaining that the correspondence address is not that of the rented property and paying the said bill, then the erroneous judgement will likely be removed from the register of judgements listing the entry detailing any failure to pay.
Published: 5 November 2013 Last Updated: 17 November 2021