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  • No one likes discussing this topic but someone must countenance it at some point, if only to determine "what if" a tenant dies.
  • The demise of a tenant need not end a tenancy.
  • The deceased tenant's possessions belong to the decease's Estate and cannot be disposed of by a landlord without consulting with the estate executors.
  • What are a landlord's responsibilities following the death of a tenant?
  • What are the decease's responsibilities to a landlord via his or her estate?
  • What is an Estate and is this the same as the next of kin?
  • What are a letting agents' responsibilities to both the landlord client and the landlord's tenants should either the landlord or tenant die during a tenancy?
  • What evidence must an agent check before releasing keys to e.g. next of kin
  • A complex topic.

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Published: 24 September 2015 Last Updated: 26 November 2021