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Fire Safety Act 2021

  • Fire Safety Act 2021 - (see also Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005).  FSA'21 addresses issues raised by the Grenfell tower block disaster.  Fire risk assessements are required by 'The Responsible Person' (owner of appointee) where there are two or more separate domestic dwellings within the same building and updated following any alterations or increased risks.  It is important to consider.any flamable external cladding, as well as communal fire doors and door furniture.  Appointing a qualified assessor is the safest way to evince due diligence.  Establishing escape routes and making these available to tenants is required by Mandatory Licensing. The Fire Risk Assessment Prioritisation Tool (available on government website) helps the responsible person to identify fire risks with a numerical risk score:
    • 'Tier 1 to Tier 5 with 1 being high and 5 being low priority.  This is a questionaire highlighting risks