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Footprint 1 (Carbon)

  • The amount of energy we consume directly or indirectly, creating greenhouse gases harmful to the environment.
  • Indirect - goods manufactured in countries other than the country of consumption - e.g. China exporting to the world creates an environmental problem for itself and the world for which the rest of the world's consumers share responsibility.
  • Direct - in a UK letting context, this is the amount of energy we consume in our homes.  This can be reduced by fitting modern condensing boilers, cavity and loft insulation, etc.
  • Landlords unwilling to modernise should examine the energy and money savings from the Government's  Green Deal
  • Tenants can insist on upgrading where Landlords refuse.
  • Third world manufacturing of white goods with cheap labour means it iis often more economical to replace than repair, further harming the planet.
Published: 8 November 2013 Last Updated: 17 November 2021