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Footprint 2 (Credit Checking)

  • This term is related to credit checking and rating.
  • Each time a credit check is conducted, a "footprint" is left behind.
  • Too many footprints can make a borrower appear desperate causing their prospective or existing lenders to sound alarms.
  • Letting agents conducting credit checks on prospective tenants and their guarantors will each leave a footprint on their credit status e.g. Exprerian.
  • Investors and indeed anyone can pay credit-check companies e.g. Experian to see what foot-prints have been left on their credit status by others without their awareness.
  • Your permission is required by others to run a credit check failing which they are in breach of data protection rules set and policed by ICO.
Published: 8 November 2013 Last Updated: 17 November 2021