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  • This is a massive topic beyond the scope of a glossary.
  • There are those who through no fault of their own become homeless.
  • Long term homeless find it most difficult either to secure accommodation or to comply with the responsibilities of a resident.
  • There are those who are considered voluntarily homeless by not paying the rent or behaving in a way likely to result in eviction.
  • Sleeping on friends couches with no where else to go is technically homeless.  LAs may say otherwise.
  • LAs will encourage tenants to remain in a property until the last possible moment before being considered homeless.  Even after an order for possession (eviction) is granted, LAs may insist the tenant await the Bailiffs to escort them out before considering them homeless.
  • Meanwhile the landlord must pay fees for each legal step, Summons, Bailiffs, usually loss of rent, legal advice, administration costs and court attendance.
Published: 8 November 2013 Last Updated: 17 November 2021