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Identity Theft

  • A little known fact for landlords is that they are more likely than most to have their identities stolen.
  • This is particularly so, when mail addressed to the landlord, continues to be sent to his rented property in his absence.
  • The tenant has at least six months to obtain all the landlords details and to pass himself off as the owner ironically utilising utility bills to evince his address.
  • The first inkling a victim-landlord perceives occurs when the tenant accumulates arrears and has quietly left without trace.  Only later will the landlord learn that his house has been sold and his credit cards fraudulently "maxed out".
  • Past tenants are also likely to be targeted, especially if they do not instruct the post-office to forward their letters to any new address. We had at least one such dishonest tenant see Abandonment of tenancy.

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Published: 8 November 2013 Last Updated: 13 January 2022