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Landlord / lady

  • A Landlord is one who rents property to a tenant for rent.
  • The landlord bears ultimate responsibility for complying with statutory and contractual compliance.
  • There are different types of landlords:
    • Absent Landlords own property in a town, city, country etc in which they are not resident.  The further away the landlords reside the less likely they are able to attend to local issues, promptly or at all.  Unless they engage a letting agent, problems are very likely. Landlords who attempt to manage from abroad are often criticised for not properly looking after their properties.  Neighbours complain when grass is overgrown and maintenance matters are left unattended.
    • Accidental Landlords by virtue of unplanned or unintended circumstances now rent property.
    • Resident Landlords provide accommodation to their lodger tenants.
    • Non Resident Landlords live in property let by a landlord who is not resident.
    • Most tenants prefer non-residential landlords because the presence of the owner landlord is perceived to impinge upon a tenants freedom.
    • Commercial landlords owning retail shops and industrial premises let to business people.
Published: 10 November 2013 Last Updated: 17 November 2021