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References and Checks

  • The process of checking a prospective tenant's credit worthiness and any past history indicating good or bad tenant behaviour.
  • Employment history and bank account management are important indicators of reliability and timely payments of rent.
  • Spending habits may not be supported financially and within documentation provided.  See Lifestyle Referencing
  • The information provided should reconcile and be reasonable and likely to be true.  Some tenants lie!
  • Gut feelings are irrelevant, nice people look like you and me.
  • Only Judge facts.  Anything else is pre-judging - prejudicial.
  • Gut feelings should be last, not first, to influence decision making.
  • Also known as tenant referencing
  • Summary Checklist:
    1. NINo. - National Insurance Number
    2. DOB  - Date of Birth
    3. POB  -  Place of Birth
    4. AKAs - Aliases or also nown as
    5. MMN - Mothers Maiden Name
    6. Parents - Natural or step parents (seems intrusive - not when chasing rent arrears)
    7. CPLAs Current and previous landlord /addresses up to 6 years.
    8. PGs Parental guarantors
    9. OGs Other Guarantors
    10. DL/P Driving Licence / passport with photos scanned or copied.
    11. SID  - student ID card with photo and numbers.
    12. HEEA - History of Education, Employment and Accommodation
    13. BS  - Bank / credit card statement(s)
    14. Pay - Payslips
  • See also Lifestyle credit referencing and credit checking and Landlord Referencing Services
Published: 11 November 2013 Last Updated: 30 November 2021