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Right to Reside (R2R)

  • From 8 May 2013 landlords are responsible for ensuring immigrants have a right to reside in the UK.  Ironically the acronym R2R could now come to mean Right To Rent.
  • How this will work is hard to imagine.  Landlords and Lettting agents are expected to ask those whose origins apparently stem from other countries, but upon examination are revealed to be second and third generation British-born citizens.
  • In order to be certiain (and politically correct) this will mean asking everyone regardless of appearance, for copies of visas, passports, work permits and the like to establish the right to rent.
  • Whilst it appears onerous for agents and landlords to implement, it is also apparent that the UK government cannot afford to support the increasing crippling UK social housing budget as well as those from other countries.
Published: 11 November 2013 Last Updated: 30 November 2021