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Rogue Landlords

  • Lawabiding landlords are sometimes defamatorily tarred with the title of ogue landlord.
  • This may be a malicious term to satisfy a vexatious local resident who is either jealous of a landlord's sucess or resentful that their community has suffered due to the change in tenant / resident demography with the perception that undesireable transient tenants become neighbours.
  • A rogue landlord is one who knowingly or recklesly breaks the law whilst letting property.
  • This is not a landlord who sincerely forgets to provide the full 24 hours implied notice that the gas safe engineer is attending to ensure compliance of the heating system.
  • A rogue is someone who breaks the law.  A Rogue Landlord is one who lets property whilst disregarding the law.  Such individuals are likely to jeopardise their tenant's safety or to flout the rules governing landlords.
  • Many examples can be cited but proportionally this number is a tiny percent of the whole letting fraternity.  Less than 1% would probably fit this category.
  • For some - a rogue landlord is a derogatory term to vent resentment when say a tenant fails to recycle on the correct day or the landlord converts a garage to a habitable room to create a legally acceptable 6th bedroom, he becomes a rogue landlord in the eyes of his resentful neighbour and is slanderously misdescribed so.
  • See also rip off rents, Rachman, Van Hootstraten Rigsby.
Published: 29 September 2015 Last Updated: 30 November 2021