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  • The topic may be boring but the for local residents the issues are indisputable and residents complain about students not dealing with this responsibly.
  • Bins must be:
    • On the boundary
    • With lids closed properly (no gaps for flies).
    • with only non-recycling waste inside
      • Glass can be placed in wheelie bins*.
  • Clear sacks must be packed loosely with:
    • Cardboard
    • Paper
    • Clean tins
    • Plastic bottles with tops removed
    • Newspaper
    • No food inside
    • Toilet roll tubes
    • Margarine tubs - clean
    • Yogurt pots - clean
    • Aluminium and tin foil
    • Egg boxes
    • Coke cans - clean
    • Plastic drinks bottles - clean
    • Shampoo / conditioner /bubble bath bottles – clea
  • It is evident from the list that most rubbish ought to fit into clear sacks if recycled properly.
  • If you have insufficient room in your bin you are almost certainly not recycling properly.
  • *Glass from early 2013 will be collected from the doorstep, meantime supermarket bottle banks is the means of recycling.
  • Glass can be placed in wheelie bins.
Published: 11 November 2013 Last Updated: 30 November 2021