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Town and Gown

  • This phrase relates to a university town or city.  The gown worn by students (historically)
  • It is often used to describe the delicate balance between the competing interests of students and the resident communities.  The impact of studentification and ghostification v local economy.
  • The main issues include (CRING):
    • Community loss - with residential homes being sold to investors to create more HMOs further eroding what remains of communities.
    • Rubbish - improper recycling or the build up of rubbish in gardens attracting rodents and other pests.
    • Insomnia - i.e. disturbing residents sleep following parties, or simply talking outside during sleeping hours when sound carries.
    • Nuisance - damage to vehicles by passing students or short cutting across neighbouring properties damaging cherished plants and fences.
    • Gardens - allowed to become unkempt with some investors and absent landlords or accidental landlords unaware or unwilling to take the responsibility for the upkeep of their properties.
Published: 11 November 2013 Last Updated: 17 November 2021