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Viewing Seasons

  • There are Two seasons and
  • Two types of viewings.
  • After the Viewings Season has past, the choice of available properties is significantly reduced.
  • Some students subsequently drop-out, creating available rooms.
  • Most groups reserve during the house viewing season
  • Those groups reserving later, have a limited choice from any newly available property.
  • Unfortunately for late groups; most landlords having missed the groups then start to let houses to individuals thus depleting choice for any remaining groups and potentially forcing them to split up to find individual rooms in separate houses.
  • A house with one tenant will deter groups joining the individual. Only other isolated individuals will consider sharing which can work out alright.
  • Individuals reserve between the end of the House Viewings Season and the start of the academic term in September.
  • Following “A” level results and Clearing any remaining available rooms are scooped up very quickly.
  • If you miss the deadline for house viewings you may still be able to view individual rooms following a few students dropping out.
  • But you would not have the same choice of:
    • house, and location as close to uni.
    • room or
    • room-mates.
  • In reality you would most often end up with the smallest room in the house following a reshuffle by the original and remaining tenants seeking to secure the best rooms for themselves and not you!
  • This then makes it more difficult to find an individual housemate willing to accept the least desirable room with an existing group which may be incompatible.
  • This is why drop-outs can cause such complications long after they have left, oblivious to the wake of problems they leave behind them.
Published: 11 November 2013 Last Updated: 17 November 2021