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Bedroom Storage Tips

Bedroom Storage Tips

Bedroom Storage Hacks

Planning your new student bedroom gives you the chance to create your space, exactly how you want it. It's a place where you can escape everyday life; reflect on the day, study, listen to music and sink into a deep and peaceful slumber.

So how to organise your room? First, consider how you want to use your room. Do you want somewhere that you can store a lot of items and clothing? Will the room double up as a work space? How many hours of the day will you spend in there?

Ask yourself these sorts of questions whilst considering what would work best in your space. Once you know what you want to use the room for, you can arrange the furniture and space accordingly.

Top tip Try not to obstruct doorways with furniture. Make sure your door has enough space to open freely so that you can enter and leave the room with ease.

Make the space yours!

So, you’ve decided where your furniture will go and how the room will work as a whole. It’s now time to shop for stylish accessories to complete the look. Not only will this make it feel like home but will personalise the space.

There is a huge selection of home furnishings: bedding, cushions, wall art, candles, lamps and ornaments. Find something to suit your style, whether your preference is bohemian chic, rustic, country garden, Hi-tech, simple and understated, whatever it is pick one style and stick with it! Mixing different styles will cause the room to feel cluttered and small.

Top tip If possible, try and keep your bedroom a tech-free zone. The blue light that is emitted through technological devices (along with the temptation to regularly check your social media feed) can interfere with your body’s circadian rhythm. Resulting in a poor chance of getting a decent night’s sleep.

Storage solutions

With loads of helpful hacks and advice being shared all over the internet there’s always some way to save space. Here are a few of our faviourite ideas:

1- Go up!

There is so much unused space on your walls high shelves are great for keeping items out of the way. Make use of spare space on top of cupboards by adding boxes to keep more stuff in. This is also great for the kitchen! 

2- Think outside the box

The possibilities are endless. A shoe rack doesn’t necessarily have to be used for just shoes, and a towel bar isn’t just for towels…. Use your imagination!

Hang a shoe organiser on the back of your door and use it to keep everything in. Shoes - obviously - stationery, cleaning products, toiletries and even food. Seriously useful.


Top tip Always losing your jewellery? Keep your earrings and necklaces safe with a cork board. Simply pop some pins into the board and hang your jewellery from them. This will keep your necklaces from tangling and allows you to see everything that you've got all in one place.

3- Hanger Connectors:


Grab a few space saving hanger connectors to squeeze more onto your clothes rails. Or make your own connectors using the ring pulls on fizzy drink cans.

4- Mattress Tidies:


These are handy mattress tidy storage and are great if you don't have a bedside table. You can buy them pretty easily online.

Top tip: Don't have enough space for all of your spare bedding? Why not fold it all up neatly and tuck underneath your mattress. It'll add some extra padding to your bed, and you'll always know where to find spare duvets and pillow cases.

5- Clutter: 

Keep on top of your clutter by having regular clear outs. Often, you’ll find that your drawers are full of things that you don’t even need anymore, making it seem like you’ve got a lot less space than you do. Try and have a blitz every couple of months, this way you know that the storage space you’re utilizing is necessary.

Top tip: Find that your drawers are always cluttered? Use old shoe boxes or Cereal Boxes as drawer organisers, this way you can group your items and will be able to find what you're looking for much quicker. Or use toilet roll tubes to keep your cables perfectly organised.


6- Sort your stationery

Use cutlery trays for all your stationery!


7- Be strict with yourself: 

Don’t buy things just for the sake of it. Be wise with the items that you choose to bring home. If you receive a gift that you know you don’t want or won’t use be honest and explain you don’t have a need for it. Instead of cluttering up your home, you can donate it to someone who will use and appreciate it.



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