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Big beds and small desks, where are your priorities?

Reasons to be a student … .
I think this tale is my all time favourite.  Prior to a new tenant arriving, her grandmother from an area around Russia announced she was coming to inspect the accommodation.

Accompanied by her granddaughter, Granny displayed shock and horror when she saw the bedroom.  The room was reasonably sized and ideally situated, almost opposite Christ Church University.  What’s not to like?

The furniture included a double bed, which granny claimed dwarfed the size of the desk and office chair.  “Beeeeeee-g be-duh …, leeeeeee-tol desk …?  ooo-wer aaare yooar priow-ri-teez!?  She eez hee-arrr to wooerrrk! ” Granny demanded we replace the double bed with a single.

… Tales of the unexpected:
Meanwhile out of Granny’s hearing her granddaughter whispered,
“Dowan’t yoh der tek uhwey maeee doebal bed!”.


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