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Brrr…illiant ways to beat the cold this winter

Sadly, winter has officially arrived and it’s come as a bit of a shock. But for those of us in the South, we have to deal with the drastic dip without the enjoyment of sledging down some snowy slopes. To make matters worse, term has begun and the dreaded fear of mentioning the heating has started all over again! So, to give you a bit of a helping hand in saving money and keeping warm, here are a few tips to beat the cold and make winter a bit more manageable!

1. Homemade Soup:

Not only is making soup unbelievably simple and cheap, it can be a lifesaver whether day or night! This term for many of us will require some late nights in the library and soup in a flask can be the perfect winter warmer when you’re struggling to find time to grab something to eat. It can also be kept in the freezer so it’s great to make a large batch to keep for weeks throughout winter. It’s also a great way to use up any left over food. There are loads of easy recipes to find online and definitely worth trying this winter!

2. Get yourself a slow cooker:

You might think that this will come at great expense but they can honestly be picked up for as little as £15! I know that £15 can seem quite a lot for a student on a budget, but having a small slow cooker will actually help you save money in the long run. Just think about this; you could be out all day in the wet and cold but know that at home there is a delicious pot of slow cooked food waiting for you! You will have nothing to cook when you’re home, but you can sit back, relax and enjoy your dinner. All you have to do is chuck in some veg, potato, a chicken and a bit of water, and let it cook for hours and hours. It will provide enough meals to last you several days too. Plus, with a slow cooker, you can buy the really cheap cuts of meat as slow cooking it tenderises it perfectly! Or, you can make a delicious vegetarian meal. Again, there are loads of recipes and it really doesn’t require any cooking skill at all. It does all the hard work for you, saves you money and time and will be a welcome relief after a hard days work. They are perfect in winter!

3. Get yourself a hot water bottle:

So so simple but so amazing! I am certainly one for waking up cold in the night especially because no one wants to keep the heating on into the evening and night. But a hot water bottle is a life saver. It’s especially great when you wrap up your favourite trackies with your hot water bottle and leave them to become nice and toasty. It is such a simple thing, but often something easy to forget about. Maybe this can be a reminder to dig one out from the cupboard.

4. Shut your doors and exclude that draft:

Another great way to keep yourself warm at home with the heating off, is to make sure you stop that draft coming in from under you door. Again, it is so simple and easy to fix, but it will make a genuine difference to the warmth of your bedroom, living room or kitchen. Either stuff some old clothes on the floor or even get yourself a cheap draft excluder. I was reminded to do it in my flat and I was very appreciative when I noticed the difference.

5. Get yourself to the library/university:

Yes this means getting out of bed. But with university costing more and more, we are always trying to find ways to get our every pennies worth. So, just stay in the warmth at uni where they bother about the heating. Libraries are notoriously warm, so why not plan whole days in the library. Plus, you might actually be able to get some work done! It might sound crazy, but I am sure you won’t get cold during the day. So if your class finishes early in the day, or even have a day off, don’t head home or remain in bed shivering but enjoy the fact that your university is probably one of the warmest places in Canterbury.

There are many ways to make sure you stay nice and warm this winter and still keep things cheap. These are just a few suggestions that maybe haven’t crossed your mind yet or have given you a welcome reminder to get that hot water bottle out! We hope you have a great term!

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