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Down Time During Revision

It’s never easy to plan some relaxing time into your revision timetable when you know your exams are fast approaching. Yet, it is an important part of anyone’s revision period. Living in Canterbury as a student is great for making sure you have some down time to relax and get your energy back before you burn out before you’re even told you may turn over the paper. Whilst we are always told to work for shorter periods of time and then to take a small 10 minute break, here are a few ideas to plan in for a slightly longer down-time to ensure you continue feeling refreshed. It could really help you!

1. Canterbury is packed full of nice little cafe’s tucked away down a small cobbled street that are perfect for a relaxing coffee in the morning. It is a very nice way to start the morning; it helps to wake you up, feeling refreshed and ready for the days revision ahead. Sometimes starting your day a little different to the routine you have no doubt got into can be a real help when getting up is the last thing you want to do!! Organising a meeting time with friends will also help make sure you actually get up!

2. It is so great to live in a city surrounded by countryside, perfect for a walk or cycle. If you are a Kent student living towards your uni, then Blean woods is not too far away to enjoy a woodland walk in the day. Especially with the amazing weather coming up! If you live towards the south side then Pilgrims Way that takes you towards Bekesbourne and Bridge is another nice walk to do during the day, or even in the evening after revision. It doesn’t have  to be a long walk or cycle and it could even be something you do after your exams. But a refreshing walk through the countryside and woods surrounding Canterbury will no doubt be an enjoyable and stress-free time to spend.

3. The Cinema! Last year a couple of newspapers published articles about good ways to spend down-time during exam period, and the cinema came up frequently. Is there a film that you are desperate to watch but feel you can’t because of revision? Perhaps see if there is a viewing starting in the evening that allows a full day of revision before you go and watch it with some friends. It will be a great distraction away from work for a short amount of time and also help you stop the Netflix binge we are all prone to! As far as I am aware there aren’t any Lord of the Rings length films out at the moment that require an interval and small nap so you make it through the entirety of the film. So a couple of hours at the cinema in the evening (not too late) could be a great way to spend some down-time.

4. Why not have a simple dinner out with some friends? Especially now Canterbury is full of places that won’t break the bank or take up much of your time. Or, have a big home cooked meal with your friends. Everyone knows that spending time having dinner, or lunch, with friends can be nice distraction and relaxing time during this stressful period. Maybe have a rule that whoever mentions the word ‘exams’ first will have to get the bill? It’s simple and easy to organise!

5. Whitstable beach. Slightly more tricky to get to if you don’t have a car, and the bus does take a little while but still easy to get to. Fish and chips on the beach, on a nice summer’s evening – it doesn’t get much better than that! And again, it is so easy to spend just a couple of hours max in the evening enjoying the pebbly beach in Whitstable with everyone’s favourite takeaway that also won’t break the bank!

Canterbury is full of great things to do that don’t have to take up much time, require lots of travelling or ruin your bank account that is already probably looking quite sad. So planning into your working week something enjoyable to do, either on your own or with friends, can be a massive help in keeping you going during this stressful and challenging time. It is important to plan ahead, and ensure that you stick to the time frame you allow yourself to enjoy something. If you do, it could be a massive help!

Good luck with all your exams!

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