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Kind Students Take The Cake

Kind students’ cake wins neighbours hearts.  Who doesn’t love cake?  The Great Canterbury Student ‘Bake Off’ – is on!

We recently set a challenge to encourage our kind students to show kindness to their neighbours. Accordingly, the challenge was delivered – on a plate!

It was back in September though, when our group of students wanted to add some finishing touches to their student property. Popping next door, they politely asked to borrow a screwdriver.  When returning it, with thanks, they presented their neighbouring couple with a freshly baked homemade cake. For the neighbours, this was a new experience. Can you imagine the delight on their faces when they opened their front door to be embraced by a pair of outstretched arms, bearing a cake?

Such acts of kindness demonstrate why Canterbury students are exceptional. You may ask why I say this? I have just moved back to Canterbury and I now commute to London for my final year at university. I have now studied in two cities, so I do appreciate the great sense of community back here in Canterbury. London lacks that feel of a close community, which can contribute to a lonely experience.

So it is great to be back in Canterbury. This city is enhanced by such considerate students and neighbours. It is the small things, as we previously shared, which make a big difference to our local community.  Canterbury’s kind students remind me why I am so glad I returned. Once again, I feel like a student living within a community. No longer am I concerned about commuters staring a hole through the back of my head, whenever I forget to get my Oyster Card out ahead of the barrier. Instead, I am touched by Canterbury’s kind students and their wonderful gestures to their neighbours.

So, just as we thanked the ‘girls at no. 2’; we now thank ‘the students at no. 10’, for such thoughtfulness to their neighbours.

Canterbury is a great city in which to live as a student, as well as a great place for long-term residents to live and work. We want to commend all of Canterbury’s kind students for all of the consideration they have shown to our local residents. It makes me proud to be a part of Canterbury.

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