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Rubbish I can’t see it!

During the summer when our student tenants were absent I noticed various items ensconced behind hedgerows.

Taking it upon myself to spend the day clearing the entire estate I eventually unearthed 14 trolleys, a dozen highway signs  and some discarded barbeques etc.  I placed all this ready for the trolley hotline service to recover the trolleys and highways department to remove the signs etc.

Meantime an angry neighbour demanded to know who I was, but before I could answer went on to demand to know what was going to happen to all the rubbish. I could hardly get a word in edgeways he was so angry.

All the while the rubbish was concealed he was not complaining but now that I had unearthed it, he was furious.

It was always there, it is not like I went out of my way to dump the rubbish.  But now it was in a heap it was unsightly.

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