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Student Blogging. Is It For Me?

Blogging is a huge part of every day life now for a lot of people, including students. It’s a hugely powerful learning tool and can help to develop crucial thinking skills.

Here are a few reasons why YOU should be writing your own blog: –

1.   It’s FUN! Yes, really. It provides you with big opportunities to engage with fellow students to learn using a different strategy.

2.   You already have an actual audience to write for. Writing isn’t just for you but the whole world. When you write about a book you’re reading, other students will ask questions and give more recommendations.  When you go on holiday, you tell everyone else all about it.

3.   There are different types of blogs – from written to verbal to visual. So, if you feel more confident writing then you can do a written blog, or if you’re comfortable in front of the camera then you could do a vlog.

4.  You will become a better writer. Writing is one form of communication. It involves recording on paper your thoughts and at the same time compels others to agree, or disagree, with them. Just like every other form of communication, writing improves with practice. Writing a blog won’t force you to become a better writer, but it will happen. And that can only be a good thing. Being a better writer will bring many benefits now and later on, including enabling you to create a book or a presentation, a CV, or content for your boss.

5.   You will also become a better thinker. The process of writing involves recording your thoughts on paper, and the blogging process makes you to stop and think on a deeper level.

6.   You’re giving yourself a voice. Blogging doesn’t just have to be student related but also learning related. When writing a blog, you could learn a lot about what other students are passionate about, and respond to and learn from your readers in the form of comments.

I hope this has given you some food for thought on writing, or filming, your own blog and has given you some inspiration to get started.

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