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Time for a break after exams?

Time For A Break After Exams?

Now that your exams are over (or, at least, almost over), you may be feeling that you need to have a break from it all and just chill out and relax for a bit.

It’s really important for all of us to unwind once exam season is over, but it can be difficult coming up with ideas of what to do. You want to spend time with your friends but also with your family. So, what do you do?

Here’s a few ideas on what you can do: –

Day-trip to the beach

Here in the UK, we are surrounded by beaches. So, find a friend who has a car and get down to the nearest beach and enjoy some time in the sun. And if you head down there before the school holidays start and go mid-week, you’ll pretty much have the beach to yourselves with no annoying noisy kids running around.

Host BBQs and get your friends to host them too

These summer evenings are the perfect time for BBQs (as long as it’s not actually raining! But even then you can still cook on a BBQ under a very large umbrella!) Hosting a BBQ gives you the opportunity to invite friends you haven’t seen in a while (because you’ve all been cramming for exams) AND family as well. Grab a few beers and a few bottles of wine (or a lot!) and chill out in the warm summer evenings.

Invest in a LARGE paddling pool

The one thing that goes perfectly with a BBQ is a paddling pool. It’s lovely just floating in the water with the breeze blowing on your face. You and your friends can take it turns to cool down (unless you can afford a giant one then you can all get in together). And, if the weather is cold, you can always put your beer and wine in it to keep them cold!

Head to a festival

That’s right, festival season is about to get underway. They’re probably not the sort of thing your parents would want to go to but they’re great with your friends. And if your budget won’t stretch to the big ones, like Glastonbury, then try out a much cheaper local one.

Have a spa day

Exams are a stressful time and you really do need to have a break and relax and re-charge your batteries. And there is no better way to do this than having a day, or even just a few hours, at the spa. There’s so many websites offering vouchers and deals that it doesn’t even need to be an expensive day out either.

Go on holiday

Some of you may have already booked a week or two away, but if you haven’t, you’ve still got time to get some friends together and do a last minute thing. And if you really can’t afford to go abroad, there are some great places in the UK which you can visit.

I hope you find these ideas useful and that you’re able to relax for a bit. Enjoy your summer freedom ��

(Original article by The Student Hut)

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