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When is the cleaner arriving

Reasons to be unclean…
Very occasionally our summer professional cleaning is not up to standard.  It is always the outgoing tenant’s responsibility to leave a house clean.  When not done properly, we engage cleaners and pass on the cost to those responsible.

However, Leydon is responsible to ensure the house is clean upon arrival.  So whatever condition the house is left in, we always get professional cleaners to finish it off, so there is no dispute about the condition upon arrival.

(Remember the new toilet story …?). A recent arrival telephoned demanding to know when all the pizza boxes, dirty laundry and sink full of dirty dishes would be cleaned.  This did not sound at all like our cleaners so we double checked – yes the house was spotless upon arrival.

…Tales of the unexpected:
Inquiries revealed that the tenant was from a wealthy family with servants and was unaware we do not provide an ongoing cleaning service.  Still, it’s never too late to learn some basic skills whilst eating humble pizza.

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