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Who Me?

Reasons to be exasperated…
Often the first house-mate will arrive on 1st July.  The last house mate may not arrive until mid September or later.  Whilst the first to arrive can see the house is clean, this may not be so for later arrivals.

On one occasion the first to arrive had her friends living in the house for the entire summer, using all the facilities.  Then when her house-mates arrived, with parents in tow, they were shocked at the sight of a filthy house and piles of dishes and rubbish bags not put out for collection.

Phone calls and emails of complaint followed from parents and house-mates.

… Tales of the unexpected:
Meantime the original messy tenant had gone off on holiday, just prior to term starting.

Whilst the culprit was sunning herself in Spain we were left to explain!  Then, detached from the memory of what she had left behind, she returned from Sunny Spain and retorted – who me?  Nooooh… it was already like that!

Other landlords readily identify with this very common scenario.

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