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World Teachers' Day - Celebrate The Educators

World Teachers' Day - Celebrate The Educators

Celebrated annually on October 5th, World Teachers' Day focusses on appreciating, assessing and improving the educators of the world.


World Teachers' Day (WTD), or International Teachers' Day began in 1994.

The day commemorates the signing of the 1966 United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Recommendation concerning the Status of Teachers.

This looks at the status and situations of teachers' around the world, as well as their education personnel policy, recruitment and initial training.

In addition to this, it looks at the continuing education of teachers, their employment and overall working conditions.

Teachers' strike, where would you be without teachers? (Source: Flickr)


Each year UNESCO and Educations International (EI) campaign to help raise awareness of the roles that teachers' play, such as the development of students and society.

More than 100 countries celebrate WTD each year, with schools and students often getting involved too.

UNESCO states that everyone can help on WTD, such as helping to celebrate and generate awareness surrounding teacher issues; as well as ensuring respect for teachers'.

Teachers' strike holding sign (Source: Flickr)

World Teachers' Day 2020

Each year the campaign for WTD focuses on a different theme.

Media outlets then promote these themes, so as to help celebrate and raise awareness to the roles that educators play around the word.

Teachers' come in many different shapes and forms. The most obvious teachers' are ones in school's, however there are many others which can be overlooked. These include parents, siblings, friends, bosses, work colleagues, classmates, coaches and even your favourite YouTuber's.

Teacher teaching young students

Teacher teaching young students (Source: Pixabay)

The World Teachers' Day / Leydon Logo

Symbolising a black board with chalk drawn 'L's', the Leydon logo has been adapted for World Teachers' Day.

World Teachers' Day Leydon Logo Design

"A good teacher, like a good entertainer first must hold his audience's attention, then he can teach his lesson."

– John Henrik Clarke

Share this article with the teachers in your life and wish them a very happy day.

Cover photo: Teacher smiling in front of blackboard (Source: Flickr)

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