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Back to Back Tenancy

  • A Back to Back tenancy describes the absence of a gap between two tenancies.
  • There is no such tenancy agreement agreement, merely a phrase used to describe this scenario.
  • Cleaning and maintenance is normally (and ideally) conducted between tenancies.
  • In this situation the best hope is the departing tenants leave in the morning and the arriving tenants some hours later enabling smoke detector tests and cleaning in between.
  • Normally letting agents will attempt to organise adequate time for check-out and check-in together with cleaners in between.
  • Most maintenance and certification occurs during a tenancy anyway, when things break down, or just break, and certificates expire.
  • Renovation can normally only occur during a tenant's absence e.g. during the academic breaks for student tenants or when professionals are on holiday.

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Published: 27 November 2021 Last Updated: 28 November 2021