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Deed of Assignment of Tenancy

  • A deed of assignment can cover the transfer of ownership of property, rent and other assets.
  • In a lettings context this is the transfer of a tenancy.
  • This might follow a student dropping out and another replacing the "drop-out".
  • A document called a Deed of Assignment is prepared, often by a solicitor (but need not be).  This must be signed by each of the three parties: Landlord, original tenant(s) and substitute tenant(s).
  • In addition each signature must be witnessed verifying that the signature is that of the named party.  The witnesses must provide their own signature and address in the event of a dispute as to the authenticity of a party signature.
  • The new tenant takes over from the old tenant usually releasing the original tenant but need not do so.
  • Sounds simple in theory, but in practice is fraught with complications.  See Subletting and Substitution

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  • Swapping houses - cannot use a deed of assignment.
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Published: 5 November 2013 Last Updated: 27 November 2021