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  • Substitute Accommodation
  • This can be necessary or agreeable for a variety of reasons:
  • The property may become uninhabitable following storm damage, flood, fire, the absence of amenities or due to the need or desire for renovation of a property.  See our webpage Upgraded Accommodation.
  • Substitute Guarantor
  • Occasionally a guarantor will not pass a credit check.  A substitute credit-worthy guarantor would be required to enable the tenant to secure the tenancy.
  • Substitute Tenants
  • A tenant drops out following: exam failure, emotional trauma, financial dilemma, etc.  No-one need be culpable for such a situation.  However, there remains a financial responsibility to pay the rent?  The drop out is responsible for the consequences of first agreeing to the house-share, then leaving the remaining tenants potentially unable to find a compatible housemate.
See also Deed of AssignmentDropping Out  and Subletting
Published: 11 November 2013 Last Updated: 17 November 2021