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Fire Risk Assessment (FRA)

  • The following from will assist you and is the template Leydon Lettings use to assess any risk. The regulatory reform (fire safety) order, became effective from 1st of October 2006.  Cherwell Fire Safety 0800 998 7958 advertises as operating in Canterbury but do not appear to have an office south of London.  
  • Also see Fire Security based in Aylsham 01304 842317
  • See also HHSRSconsiderations in our glossary.
  • Fire Precautions
  • The document Guide 3 – Sleeping accommodation should provide all the information you require to conduct a Fire Risk Assessment.
  • The Responsible Person (RP) for managing should:
  • Complete a fire risk assessment and consider the fire precautions in the common area and eliminate or reduce to the lowest possible level
  • Consider escape routes which may require the provision of a fire barrier between the common areas and the living accommodation to create a protected route to a place of ultimate safety.
  • Consider the need for a fire detection and warning system and should it be extended into the living accommodation.
  • Consider the need for emergency escape lighting.
  • Consider fire-fighting equipment and facilities.
  • Consider the need for signs and notices
  • Consider recording, planning, informing, instructing and training which will require producing a fire action plan.
  • Maintenance
  • Any fire precautions provided will need to be maintained and this will not cause problems in the common areas. However, if they have been extended to the living accommodation this may cause problems. This is because domestic dwellings are exempt from the order and the tenants cannot be forced to co-operate with the RP. Therefore it is important that the tenancy agreement has a section devoted to Fire Safety that lays down duties the tenant has to abide by. This should include permission for the RP and any persons appointed by him/her to enter the living accommodation to carry out maintenance of any fire safety equipment.
  • A Log book recoding incidents of fires or alarm soundings and testing should be kept in all Mandatory Licensed properties.
  • This said all properties should comply with HHSRS rules

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Published: 8 November 2013 Last Updated: 27 November 2021