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Safety Certificates

  • EPC Certificate - from 6/4/12 compulsory with all marketing.  Not strictly a safety issue but coupled with the others you have the lot in one place.
  • Electric Safety Certificate establishes the wiring is safe. 
  • Fire Safety certificate - compulsory for large HMOs and wise for all properties to evince safety following an incident.
  • Gas Safety Certificate - renewable annually, compulsory for all  HMOs.  From 2013 must include access to inspect flues.
  • Gas Servicing - not obligatory but advisable to evince due diligence.
  • HHSRS - this is not a certificate but an assessment report of safety.
  • PAT Portable Appliance Testing - ensures plugs connected to portable goods are safe.  The most important of which are items which move as these are more prone to damage - Irons, vacuum cleaners and especially washing machines.   The latter can vibrate on an uneven surface and creep forward putting the plug under tension.  The cable can become trapped under the washing machine damaging the outer insulation and causing a short circuit.

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Published: 11 November 2013 Last Updated: 5 December 2021