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Gas Safety

  • Landlords are legally obliged to ensure a gas safety registered engineer conducts a survey and certifies properties as safe; failure to do so is a criminal offence and could result in a tenant fatality and a landlord being imprisoned.  Up to £5000 fines!
  • Certificates must be retained for two years and
    • displayed in HMOs as well as
    • holiday lets and
    • made available for tenant inspection prior to occupation.
  • In addition, though not a legal requirement, landlords can for a small additional cost, service the boiler and system.  What better way to evince due diligence?
  • From 2013 flues must be accessible and capable of inspection to minimise the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning e.g. from a concealed underfloor flue.
  • Any construction and boiler provision must comply with ACoP
  • Mains and battery backup powered carbon monoxide detectors save lives.
  • Boilers fitted in lofts are more difficult to access but as CO is lighter than air, any leak disperses into the atmosphere, not into the house.
  • Danger signs include:
    • orange and yellow flames
    • Soot e.g. around a gas fire or boiler
    • Sickness or flue-like symptoms.

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Published: 8 November 2013 Last Updated: 2 December 2021