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McKenzie Friend

  • A Mckenzie Friend (named after the case Mckenzie  v Mckenzie) is one who who assists a "litigant in person" (LIP) without being party to proceedings or qualified to act as legal representative.
  • This saves the cost of legal representation.
  • McKenzie Friends are not permitted to act outside of court nor to sign NTQs or any legal documents.
  • A McKenzie friend is not normally allowed to speak directly to a judge (rights of audience) at court but in exceptional circumstances may be permitted to do so with the LIP in attendance.
  • A McKenzie Friend is permitted to consult quietly with the LIP on points of law, procedure and to flag up points a litigant might want to raise in court or questions the LIP should ask of witnesses at court.
  • See also: Next Friend, Litigant in personRights of AudienceMckenzie FriendIn Loco Parentis.
Published: 28 September 2015 Last Updated: 17 November 2021