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Prescribed Form

  • The way statute determines a document must be written.
  • This will usually be an important notice e.g. a notice to quit.
  • To end a rental joint AST tenancy on the due date, you must issue a notice to quit at least two months prior to expiration of the tenancy written in the prescribed form.
  • You must also issue each named joint tenant with an individual notice to quit.
  • At Leydon lettings we back this up with an email containing the information in prescribed form advising of the recent postal delivery.
  • It would then be difficult to argue non-receipt if received by more than one means.
  • Many landlords and even some agents fail to do this.
  • The consequences could be catastrophic at the end of a tenancy, particularly  when the next group are standing outside and cannot move in... why?  Because the previous tenants are still sitting watching TV whilst calmly drinking a night cap before going to bed, perfectly legitimately, awaiting you, whilst pulling your hair out, to serve the proper notice in the prescribed form within time limits!
Published: 11 November 2013 Last Updated: 17 November 2021