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Christmas Cocktails For A Very Festive Feeling

Christmas Cocktails For A Very Festive Feeling

Try these Christmas cocktails to get you in the perfect festive feeling!


It’s time to raid the parents cupboards! No longer do you have to buy ‘Sainsbury’s Basics’ and finally you can enjoy the drinks that will get anyone in the mood for Christmas. Here is a list of Christmas cocktails and drinks that you should definitely try this holiday – alcoholic and non-alcoholic.


1. Mulled Wine Cocktail

No drink says ‘Christmas’ more than mulled wine. But why not spice things up a little with this delicious mulled wine cocktail. Perfect for serving at a party, or kept for the Christmas period just for your own enjoyment.

How to make Mulled wine cocktail

2. Hot Apple Bite

This unique twist on a classic winter warmer, will certainly help keep you feeling snug on those cold evenings before Christmas.

How to make hot apple bite

3. Amaretto Fizz

A simple cocktail but perfect for every occasion. Whether its a last minute party drink, or a way to kick start your Christmas morning, this should certainly be on your drinks list.

How to make Amaretto Fizz

4. Santa Shot cocktail (with peppermint schnapps)

Because who doesn’t love saying the word ‘schnapps’? This festive shot with its unique layering, will certainly impress your party guests!

How to make Santa Shot cocktail


5. Orange & Cranberry Spritz

The perfect refreshing drink to start off the day. This quick and easy cocktail will certainly help start your Christmas morning.

How to make Orange & Cranberry Spritz

6. Drivers’ punch

Did you draw the short straw and now the designated driver? Well, this citrusy punch will make sure you too can enjoy a drink or two. You’ll be making it when you’re home too!

How to make Drivers’ punch 

7. Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate will always remain a winter favourite. But why not try this slight twist whilst relaxing in front of a warm fire?

How to make Peppermint Hot Chocolate 

We hope we have added some ideas to your festive period, and wish you a very Merry Christmas. Please remember to drink responsibly this Christmas period and always take care.

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