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Heading Home for Christmas?

Students Heading home for Christmas!  Remember before leaving Canterbury …

No doubt the excitement has started! Term is over, essay deadlines are a thing of the past and the smell of that turkey has your taste buds watering. Heading home for Christmas is an exciting time of the year!

However, it is all too easy to forget a few helpful and important things. To help you out, we’ve compiled a short list of what to remember before heading home for Christmas, as well as prior to your return to Canterbury, after New Year.

1. The fridge

There was always one who forgot when it was non-uniform day at school. So don’t be the one who forgot the half finished bottle of milk or chunk of cheese in the bottom of the fridge. It’s not cool. A simple mistake can turn into a horror film that will leave your nostrils haunted for days.  I remember leaving a bunch of spring onions in a cupboard before heading home for Christmas when I was living in halls. When I returned, it took several weeks and many deep cleans to remove the rotten smell it produced. Don’t be me.

2. The dreaded heating button will be your friend

Yes, that’s right! For several weeks, no longer do you have to bicker over the level of the heating, however, it definitely should be left switched ON! Be warned, if you forget to leave heating on before heading home for Christmas, not only might you return to find the pipes frozen but your house may be flooded as a consequence. Check it and check it again. Make sure it’s on!  A minimum thermostat setting of 13 degrees will prevent pipes freezing and then bursting.

3. Electrical equipment

Other appliances can be turned off (except the fridge if it contains food!). Don’t just settle for standby. Even though it may not save you the greatest amount, at least you can spend Christmas knowing that you are not wasting any electricity or destroying the planet.

4. Keys

Please remember to take your house keys home with you! Even though all you will be thinking about is opening the front door to your real home, sadly there will come a time when you have to return. Similarly, remember to pick them up when your return – we may not be there to help when you return and realise your keys are 200 miles away.

5. Lock up properly

Running with the theme of keys, make sure everything is locked. Even check the back door that probably hasn’t once been opened over the term!

6. Plan your work

Not to sound like the lecturers you have just left behind, but don’t leave your work till the New Year. I can’t imagine it’ll be fun spending the the first days of 2016 working whilst nursing that hangover you’ve had since the 15th. Find some days to do some work as you’ll be truly thankful when all you need is a Netflix binge and a glass of water.

7. Pack lightly

If you’re like me, returning home for Christmas was a realisation that you’re moved out for good. Either your room has been commandeered by a younger sibling, or your parents have filled it with all their junk that was once in the loft (and for good reason). So, pack enough to get you through, but not too much!  Also, if you’ve been good this year Santa will hopefully pay you a visit. If so, then remember you’ll need space to pack all those presents to bring back to uni.

8. Save a bit of cash

Christmas is expensive. We all know that! Especially with January sales starting on Boxing Day… in December…yeah I don’t understand that either. But, don’t count on your student loan arriving bang on the day you’re told you’ll be brought back into the light. I know it can be tempting to buy those new shoes than feed yourself with nourishing meals, but put a little bit to one side just in case.

9. Take down your decorations

Do you really want to come home to a house full of Christmas cheer for all to hear? No! Miserable January and at the beginning of term is not the time to be reminiscent of the past month. Take them down – you’ll be thankful when you return!

10. Get back a few days before term

Everyone knows that Britain cannot cope when it gets a bit slippy! Especially the trains. So,  try and come home a couple of days before term starts just in case trains are cancelled because of poor weather. It is also nice allowing a bit of time to settle back in before the beginning of term. Especially if you have exams (sorry to mention them!).

11. Have fun, obviously!

Christmas is the best holiday for many of us, so don’t forget to rest and relax and enjoy all the festivities! Next term is often the busiest, so it is important that you feel ready when January comes.

And of course, Merry Christmas from Leydon Lettings!

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