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How to make a student house feel like home


I’m sure, like me, you have saved many Pinterest or Instagram photos of rooms with draped fairy lights, polaroid pictures and plants hanging from the ceiling.

Although student properties are often pretty basic, here are some top tips to make your room feel like a home away from home.

Unpack the boxes

This sounds obvious, but many get into the habit of living out of boxes rather than putting away all their items when they first move in.


Unpacking your boxes is the best thing you can do. Having all of your personal items around you will add familiarity to your new environment. Having boxes scattered throughout your new place will make you feel like you are moving out, not in! It’s a constant visual reminder that you are in a new place and seeing the boxes will lead to unnecessary extra stress.

Print Photographs



Moving away from your family and friends can seem daunting. So, it can be comforting to surround yourself with photos of familiar faces, particularly in your first year of university while you are finding your feet.

Think of your new student room as a blank canvas where you can express your personality. You never know, these photos could help you start conversations with your new housemates, especially if they realise they’ve been to similar events with their own friends. If your tenancy agreement doesn't allow blue-tac, many don't, you can stick pictures on a corkboard or in a photo frame. Ribbons can also be tied up to hang photos from. 

Bring the Outside Inside

You may spend more time in your room than you expect while at university, particularly when you have assignments.

Greenery and flowers are important when transforming a house into a home. They will help to instantly add a splash of colour and life to the room.


To help you stop feeling like you are living like a hermit, add some plants to give life to your space! Plants release oxygen which can help freshen the air, great for those 2-day revision sessions (or a Netflix binge). Plants also have a calming effect, definitely beneficial for any last-minute essay writing or exam prep!

Store Your Stuff

Storing your notes and textbooks is essential for an organised room but can also help with your learning. When it’s time to start revising or writing an essay, you don’t want to waste your energy by hunting for lecture notes.

Independence and time management are two skills that you’ll develop throughout your degree, both of which can be practised by organising your notes. University can be a bit of a balancing act with lectures, social life and other commitments. However, a calendar on your wall or desk can be a helpful reminder of key dates so that you’re not missing any important deadlines!


Take Home Comforts

To help you feel at home in your new room, bring familiar objects such as a pillow, dressing gown, blanket or anything personal to you. Although it can be tempting to invest in all new home décor, your first few weeks at university might feel a little strange, so home comforts can help



Give It Time

The best thing for making a house feel like home is time. The more time you spend there, the more you will think of it as home.

Over time you will fill the house with items, memories and people, and it will become your home.

By applying our tips, you can create a relaxing, calm space that you can enjoy, especially when those deadlines hit!

We want to know what you think. How did you make your house feel like home? What else would you bring with you?

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