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Assignment of a Tenancy Agreement

  • A document setting out the terms of the assignment.
  • The present assignor tenant assigns to the substitute tenant assignee, the tenancy in conjunction with the third party landlord.  This tripartite agreement establishes the parties to the new agreement adopting the original terms.
  • A new tenant is appointed to adopt the rights and responsibilities of the original tenancy until the end of the original tenancy term.
  • Note an existing tenant cannot be assigned to another property under the same tenancy agreement.  This would require a new tenancy agreement which would include any applicable notice periods.  E.G. An existing AST tenant who falls out with fellow tenants asks to be moved for the remaining two months of their tenancy to another available property.  This would require a new tenancy which would require 4 months of the 'new' tenancy to elapse prior to issuing a 2 months notice to quit.  S

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Published: 24 September 2015 Last Updated: 19 November 2021