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Multiple Tenants

  • See also multi-tenants
  • See HMO
  • Describes various scenarios:
    • Excessive number of tenants living with or without valid permission say under a rent to rent agreement
    • Overcrowded properties.
    • Not all Multiple Tenants are necessarily overcrowded nor un-authorised as there are permissible large numbers in
      • HMOs,
      • Licensable Properties and
      • Sui generous tenancies.
      • A family of twenty is not a multitenancy it is simply a tenancy with 20 occupants
      • More than 6 unrelated residents in a house without planning permission is likely a multi-tenancy
      • Rent to rent landlords have been critisised for cramming tenants into every availalble space: lounge, kitchen, conservatory, etc. leaving little room to live.
        • The superior tenant charges more rent that he pays profiting from the difference.
        • A two bedroom flat becomes a three bedroom flat without a lounge.  The three bedrooms may have more than one bed in each accommodating vast numbers for smaller rents proportionally but cumulatively greater amounts.
        • The management of the house is often poor and it is not uncommon for the superior tenant to eventually vanish without paying his own rent, having collected all the sub tenant rents, and pocketing all the subtenant's deposits.
        • These are rogue landlords.
        • see HMO
Published: 28 September 2015 Last Updated: 17 November 2021