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Reasons to be committed..
Be careful who you select for a housemate.  Leydon have had three fires in 25 years, only one was serious with no injuries or fatalities and all were avoidable.

Our tenant was obsessed with firemen – on a single day she telephoned every fire-station in Kent, with hoax calls.  Our suspicions began with a visit by the police, asking who had made the first emergency 999 call?

Everyone knew, but no one could prove it was Xxxxx until she was ultimately prosecuted – twice.

… Tales of the unexpected:
Placing a frying pan on a lighted gas, unattended, she left the house and arrived back just in time to call the fire brigade upon “discovering” the fire!  What a heroine!? So while she was outside salivating with excitement at the sight of all these uniformed officers, our tenants were inside suffocating.

Found guilty, she only narrowly escaped prison by becoming pregnant receiving the mercy of the judge as a mother-to-be.

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